Future Projects being planned include:

Filming a TV series for a proposed 13-episode feature highlighting the Great Lakes, the St. Lawrence and the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

Exploring the 145-metres deep Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo Park located north of Napanee, in search of Ontario's largest collection of aboriginal pictographs.

Capturing on film the coral reefs, as well as Blue Holes, and their vibrant inhabitants off Costa Rica and Panama coasts, the reefs off Belize, Honduras, Puerto Rico (Mona Island), and Colombia (mainland Cartagena and San Andres Island). Proposed video projects for next year also include the waters off the Galapagos Islands and the azure Mediterranean Sea off Southern Italy.

Exploring and documenting historic shipwrecks sunk during the Spanish-American War, eternally resting beneath the pristine Caribbean Sea off of Cuba's south-east coast.

Returning to Mexico in the mid-summer to carry-on shooting high-definition video beneath the spring-fed waters of the mystical Cenotes, and to commence documenting the migratory route of majestic Whale Sharks and Manta Rays. These sea creatures' journey will be filmed as they gorge themselves on plankton and krill during their annual rites of passage off Isla Holbox, Black Hole Island, situated at the junction of the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico.



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