Kenn Feigelman


Kenn has been a professional diver most of his life and is as comfortable in the water as he is on land. He now travels the world in search of new discoveries and to capture the water planet on film. As a member of the prestigious Explorers' Club in New York he is also an advocate for the protection of our underwater creatures promoting awareness of endangered species through his talks, publications and documentary footage.

His interest in the ocean world was first piqued as a young boy watching the late 1950's T.V. show Sea Hunt, flipping through the pages of National Geographic and following along with Jacques Cousteau on his adventures of the deep.

Kenn started diving at age 13 and later at 19 obtained his first diving certificate from the YMCA in his hometown of Montreal, Quebec. He studied Biological Sciences at both McGill and Concordia Universities and later worked as a Technical Services Director in the paper and food industries. He also worked as a diver for the police. Most recently he directed a management company until 2002.

In 1973, Kenn founded Deep/Quest 2 Expeditions to explore and document historical naval battle sites beneath the dark waters of Lake Champlain, with sections filmed by CBS. For his involvement in this important research project he was awarded a Doctorate of Marine History from the College of Marine Arts in South Carolina.

Deep/Quest was also instrumental in acquiring Canada's first underwater research habitat, Sublimnos, from Dr. Joseph MacInnis and putting it back to work in 1990, submerging it off Point Traverse in Lake Ontario. With the support of the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, Kenn created four artificial reefs in order to evaluate the effects of man-made reefs on the freshwater eco-system.

Future projects include: documenting the endangered Florida manatees, investigating coral reefs in Panama, diving in the deep Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo Park to survey aboriginal pictographs and compiling documentary film for educational TV on the Canadian Bermuda Triangle, the Marysburgh Vortex.

Recently featured in the National Post and on CBC Radio and TV, Kenn and his team have rediscovered four War of 1812 Warships in Lake Ontario and is partnering with Parks Canada to document and preserve these underwater monuments.

Kenn has raised the profile of Deep/Quest 2 Expeditions and it has grown into an internationally-acclaimed underwater exploration and film documentation organization.