"WORLD OCEANS DAY" (June 8th.,2015), Kenn Feigelman, Director of Operations, DEEP/QUEST 2 EXPEDITIONS and John Sanfilippo, President of TYTON SOUND will be making a special appearance on CKWS-TELEVISION at 5:00P.M., Wednesday, June 3rd. ('WS DAILY) to formally announce their partnership in co-producing the special Pilot Episode of the (proposed) exciting kids' T.V.-Series, "AWESOME OCEANS 2.0". During their interview, hosted by on-air personality, Bill Welychka, Kenn & John will discuss the premis for "AWESOME OCEANS 2.0" and will formally introduce the co-star of the series to the viewing public, "PROFESSOR PHINEAS PHYTO-PLANKTON" and the "magical" mini-submarine, "The SeaUrchin". They will also announce the recent decision to make the Island of ARUBA, N.A. the official Base of Operations for DEEP/QUEST 2 EXPEDITIONS in the CARIBBEAN region, as well as some exciting projects planned for the area. Also to be discussed, will be our plans to continue filming long-lost shipwrecks, slumbering beneath the cold, dark waters of eastern Lake Ontario.

Exploring the 145-metres deep Mazinaw Lake in Bon Echo Park located north of Napanee,Ontario in search of long lost aboriginal pictographs.

Exploring and documenting historic shipwrecks sunk during the Spanish-American War, eternally resting beneath the pristine Caribbean Sea off of Cuba's south-east coast.



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